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Core regional growth area Ludwigsfelde

Mercedes-Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit an der Produktionsstrecke
Mercedes Benz

Ludwigsfelde is a successful economic motor within the region driven by the presence of over 900 companies. Mercedes Benz produces vans in the town whilst MTU Maintenance repairs aero engines. Well-known metalworking companies such as GMF Umformtechnik (Gestamp) and Kraus Aviation operate as suppliers to the automobile and aviation sectors. The logistics centres of companies including Volkswagen, Siemens, Elektronic Partner, Obeta and others ensure that this particular branch is strong. Energy technology companies and modern research and training institutions, such as those of Volkswagen or Siemens Energie, are increasingly locating to the town.

Open to all branches

Its perfect geographical position, outstanding transport connections and the potential for residential and commercial development all provide Ludwigsfelde with crucial business benefits. Fields of trade and industry from the clusters of transport, mobility and logistics, metalworking and energy technology continue to characterise the location. Ludwigsfelde has been selected as a Bio-Energy Region by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal State. Firms with a greater emphasis on research and development work are welcome.

Centre for Initial and Continuing Training

The main focuses in location development are on improving the town centre via modern urban management, providing commercial space in the fields of industry and logistics, expanding the infrastructure by creating a third railway station and a direct connection to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport and blanket provision of a fast Internet service. The Ludwigsfelde Centre for Initial and Continuing Training is an important building block in terms of securing the supply of skilled workers.

Family-friendly town

Ludwigsfelde is also a diverse place to live which offers both a lively urban scene and idyllic countryside with easily accessible facilities, plenty of greenery, active clubs and associations and attractive sports and leisure venues. Modern, individual forms of schooling, a high number of child daycare centres and convenient bus and rail connections all help support the family-friendliness of the town. A hospital, three general practitioner centres and a range of other medical practices secure comprehensive healthcare provision. The Crystal Sauna Baths attract 600,000 visitors a year and are an ideal place to recuperate and relax.

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