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Well-connected in Brandenburg an der Havel

Building of Brandenburg University of Applied Science
Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences

Brandenburg an der Havel, the third largest city in the state, offers companies excellent infrastructure, whether for production, logistics or research and development. Located near the German capital Berlin and the state capital Potsdam, the city also has excellent cross-regional transport connections to commercial hubs such as Leipzig, Hamburg and the Magdeburg-Hanover region, including highways, waterways and railway lines. Apart from an excellent transport infrastructure, Brandenburg an der Havel also has well-equipped commercial premises, modern educational facilities and a pro-business administration.

Attractive commercial spaces for every need

Particularly noteworthy are the multi-purpose, well-developed industrial and commercial areas, which are already home to numerous renowned and internationally-operating companies. There are suitable premises or locations for almost every need, including city-centre offices, sidings, large sites for new buildings, and ready-for-occupancy office spaces.

Kirchmöser, for example, has long been an important centre for rail technology and enjoys an international reputation. Here, a veritable centre of excellence has come into being. Alongside this sector, which has been present in Brandenburg an der Havel for more than 100 years, the city is also home to regional trade and service companies, and in particular companies in the energy and environmental-technology sectors.

The Görden Industrial Park and the SWB Industrial and Commercial Park are located on the edge of the city-centre on both sides of the Silo Canal. This is also the location of the public city harbour with its own railway siding, with a number of recycling companies next to it. The Technology and Start-Up Centre (TGZ) can also be found here. It offers start-ups and newly-established companies low rents and shareable infrastructure as well as advice and funding programmes.

The industrial and commercial areas in Hohenstücken and Schmerzke offer additional development sites.

Education and business in close cooperation

Companies not only need land and roads, but also qualified staff. Both locally and in neighbouring Potsdam and Berlin there is a wide variety of educational and training institutions to which Brandenburg an der Havel is well connected through regional transport connections. Around 2,700 students are enrolled at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, which offers them excellent conditions for studying economic, scientific and technical subjects. Cooperation with the local business community allows students to gain practical insights into future areas of work while studying. In this way, companies get to know talented students in a real working environment and secure their services as future skilled workers.

The Brandenburg an der Havel regional growth core is therefore, in line with the economic policy strategy of the state of Brandenburg, concentrating on the Metal, Transport/Mobility/Logistics, Health Care and Tourism clusters.





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