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Vocational education and training at upper secondary school centres

Schmied am Amboss
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When today’s pupils leave school after completing general education, they enter into a new stage within the process of lifelong learning. The opportunities for vocational preparation or vocational education and training are extremely multifarious. The most important component of vocational training is vocational education and training. In Brandenburg, school-based vocational education and training takes place at upper secondary school centres. A distinction is drawn between initial vocational education and training and continuing vocational education and training.

Initial vocational education and training

Vocational education and training in a recognised occupation in accordance with the Vocational Training Act or the Crafts and Trades Regulation Code takes place in dual form. These two parts comprise:

  1. the practical imparting of skills within the company or at an extra-school institution;
  2. the school-based element of training which takes place at a vocational school.

Even pupils who have failed to obtain a training place at a company or extra-school institution are able to complete dual training. In such cases, the entire training takes place via a course at a full-time vocational school. Both forms of training conclude with a final examination set by a chamber. More than 300 training occupations are offered in Brandenburg and Berlin.

Continuing vocational training

There is an opportunity to enter continuing vocational training following the completion of relevant initial vocational education and training, appropriate occupational activity of at least one year and the obtaining of a specialised upper secondary school entrance qualification or an equivalent qualification at a trade and technical school.

Those interested in pursuing such a pathway attend a course at a specialised upper secondary school. This expands general education as well as imparting specialist occupational knowledge and skills and enables a University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification to be acquired. Such a qualification provides the entitlement to study at a University of Applied Sciences in Germany.A University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification with a vocationally oriented specialism may also be completed at vocational grammar schools. These specialisms include social services, technology and trade and industry.

Individual portraits of the vocational schools, full-time vocational schools, trade and technical schools, vocational grammar schools and specialised upper secondary schools can be found on the website of the Berlin-Brandenburg Eduserver.

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