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The Cluster Food Industry

Bakery "Dreißig"

Brandenburg's food industry is as multifaceted as the region itself. The Food cluster boasts just as many SMEs as major companies of national and international renown.With around 3,700 businesses across the region and 58,900 employees throughout the entire value-added chain (agriculture, processing, logistics and trade), this cluster is one pillar of Brandenburg's economy and thus a stabilising factor. In 2014, the 168 businesses in the cluster core (food and beverage industry) generated a turnover of more than € 4.1 Billion. The number of employees amount 13,080. One characteristic feature of the branch is the regional alignment of its materials cycle. Most raw materials produced in Brandenburg are processed within the state.

Stronger orientation towards foreign markets

Companies have been able to achieve a significant increase in competitiveness in recent times, this being indicated by stronger orientation towards foreign markets and a rise in productivity. Brandenburg brands such as Spree Forest Gherkins, Werder Ketchup, Neuzelle Black Beer, Prignitz Cornflakes and Cottbus Biscuits are raising the culinary profile of the state far beyond its borders.

Key research and development activities within the cluster

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the companies within the sector, most of which are small and employ fewer than 50 staff, the cluster is particularly aligned towards the networking of trade and industry and scientific research. The Berlin-Brandenburg region has the highest density in Germany of research institutions working in the food-related sector.

Large numbers of small and medium-sized companies are using this potential to engage in research and development.

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