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Vetschau – town with energy

Wendish-German Twin Church in Vetschau
Wendish-German Twin Church in Vetschau

The people of Vetschau feel closely connected to their home town, where rural and Sorbian traditions are cultivated. This applies to the newly landscaped open pit terrain in the south as it does to the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve in the north which has evolved over time. The town is in touch with nature and with its old and new housing it has become a sought after location for young families. The restored old town with specialty shops and restaurants is the bustling centre of the town. Strolling and shopping does not have to be confined to the town centre, since the whole town is well provided with little shops.

Industrial area with rail access

The town is easily accessible via the A13 and A15 motorways, the B115 federal highway and by train on the route Berlin – Cottbus – Görlitz, and thus constitutes the gateway to the Spreewald for many. The Spreewald motorway junction has also fostered structural change. A modern industrial location with all the media has emerged on the grounds of the former Vetschau power station, the Spreewald Industrial and Technological Centre (ITS), which is attached to the Deutsche Bahn railway network via a ring rail siding. The town's business professionals have come together in the "Gewerbeverein Vetschau/Spreewald" and have excellent relationships with each other.

All types of schools locally

Those who settle in Vetschau find all types of schools, a youth training boarding school and several study facilities. A music school is the basis for a variety of musical and cultural events, and it has made a name for itself as a talent incubator for the local orchestras and children's and youth bands. With attractions such as the Raddusch Slavic Fort on Bischdorf Lake, the Lower Lusatia White Stork Centre and the Wendish-German Shared Church, Vetschau enjoys a reputation beyond the region.

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