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Spremberg – Sorbian centre

Schloss Spremberg
Spremberg Castle

Well, is Spremberg more German or more Sorbian? The writer Erwin Strittmatter, a famous son of the town, addressed that issue in his trilogy "Der Laden" (The Store). In any case, the jungle of signs draws attention to Spremberg's official bilingualism. And Easter is celebrated in real Sorbian fashion. On Easter day prominent processions of Sorbian Easter Horsemen can be seen, the children get art-fully decorated easter eggs. Spremberg is located in the south of the rural district of Spree-Neiße on the border between Brandenburg and Saxony, halfway between Berlin and Dresden, in the middle of Lusatia.

Traditional industry site

Before the transition, every East German had a bit of Spremberg at home: Bread boards and entire fitted kitchens were made of "Sprelacart", a resin laminate. The Sprela GmbH has been part of the Kronospan Group since September 2007; it produces laminates and composite panels for various applications. Spremberg is an industrial centre with a long tradition. Vattenfall Europe operates the most modern lignite-fired power plant in Europe in the municipal district of Schwarze Pumpe. Lignite has been used as an energy supplier at the site since 1955. Schwarze Pumpe is now a modern industrial park with 80 resident companies. The town of Spremberg is one of 15 regional growth cores in Brandenburg.

Sporting town

The town in a valley of the Spree is once again worthy of its sobriquet "Pearl of Lusatia": The old town has been restored, and many shops invite you to stroll in the city centre. Cyclists get their money's worth as well, with a 500 km network of cycle paths around Spremberg. Spremberg is an ideal point of departure if you want to start pedalling: Four interregional tours, the Spree Cycle Route, the Fürst-Pückler Route, the Niederlausitz Mines Tour and the Tour Brandenburg, pass through the town.

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