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Rathenow – town of optics

Rathenow, Birds eye view

Rathenow is the town of optics. Lenses were ground by machine here already at the end of the 19th century. And even today, many companies in the Havelland district seat focus on glasses, lenses and the products that can be made out of them. In addition, there are approximately 40 companies with around 500 employees active in the metal industry. Machinery, tools and containers are produced in the well-developed industrial areas in the south of the town. Highly specialised medical devices are also 'Made in Rathenow'. Rathenow has teamed up with Premnitz and Brandenburg on the Havel in the "West Brandenburg Economic Region" with the aim of developing and strengthening the region in a uniform and sustainable manner.

Space for innovative companies

Federal highways 102 and 188 intersect in Rathenow, and the A2, A10, A14 and A19 motorways are within a radius of 40 to 60 kilometres. The town is situated on the railway line between Berlin and Hanover: Within 45 minutes, the German capital is in sight. Cargo can also be shipped directly to the capital city on the Havel; the harbour is operated by a steel construction company. Innovative companies have been successful in the Havelland Technology and Start-Up Centre since 1998. Entrepreneurs can lease rooms there at particularly favourable conditions.

Harbour for tour boats and pleasure vessels

Since the old town did not survive the Second World War, buildings from the post-war period set the tone. The 13th century late Romanesque St. Mary Andrew's Church in the old town, however, has been rebuilt. Profiting from its location on the Havel, Rathenow also features a harbour for excursion boats. The water sports and water touring enthusiasts, however, prefer their own vessels. Those who want to be a bit closer to the clouds – for business or pleasure – can make use of the small Stechow airfield, eight kilometres away. What with the Optics Industry Museum, Optics Park, galleries, cinema, library and the Havellandhalle for events, trade shows and sports, those interested in culture will not be bored.


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