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Kyritz – rattling is part of the trade

Half-timbered house in Kyritz
Half-timbered house in Kyritz

The water mills that used to stand on a tributary of the Jäglitz have not rattled for a long time. But the nickname "an der Knatter" (on the Rattle) that the locals used to attach to the Hanseatic town of Kyritz is unforgotten. After the transition, the people of Kyritz remembered the beautiful old town look. The renovation of the historic buildings has been the focus of activity in the town for the past 20 years.

Pilots welcome

And the town has much more to offer: Located not far from the A24 motorway and the Wittstock/Dosse motorway junction, Kyritz cooperates with the neighbouring communities in the "cloverleaf region" and is a central hub of the region. The much-frequented commercial airfield is located just outside the old town. Aircraft with up to 5.7 tons MTOW can take off and land on the paved 1,000 metre long and 23 metre wide runway; glider and balloon pilots are also welcome. The city also has well developed commercial sites available; these are used mainly by craft shops and medium-sized enterprises.

A town for early risers

Churches, lakes and forests are an ideal setting for active recreation seekers as well. The 37 kilometre long Cloverleaf Towns Tour, for example, links Kyritz with Neustadt and Wusterhausen. The Kyritz Untersee attracts early-bird walkers in every season to and into the water with the spectacle of the rising sun.

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