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Railway technology – Tradtion and Innovation

Railway transport is yet another branch in which Brandenburg has extensive structures in place. The region is able to cover every aspect of a segment of industry which is characterised both by SME’s and major companies. The companies involved in the branch focus on vehicle and track construction as well as on maintenance. Berlin is also home to Deutsche Bahn, the largest railways operator in the country.

100 years of railway tradition

In addition to this, the largest German works of one of the most important global players in the railways technology sector, the Canadian-owned company Bombardier, is located in Hennigsdorf (Oberhavel). Hennigsdorf is able to look back on more than 100 years of railway tradition and is also the main centre of Bombardier’s expertise in urban, regional and mainline services.

The manufacture of railway vehicles in Hennigsdorf dates from 1913. It is, however, not the only location which can make such a proud boast. The Kirchmöser district of the town of Brandenburg, which also has a long industrial tradition stretching back to 1914 and is located on a peninsula, is today a centre of expertise in railway technology. Many countries across the world rely on the experience Kirchmöser is able to offer in areas such as the manufacture of points for all types of load forces or ties for high-speed tracks.

Leading research location

Berlin-Brandenburg is also one of Germany’s leading railway transport technology research locations. The region’s institutes of higher education and extra-university institutes offer a unique pool of development expertise.

Provision is also in place to secure the international networking of research expertise. The Transport Technology Systems Network works in conjunction with partners from other EU countries to make the region the focal point of railway research in Europe. The Innotrans, the world’s largest railway transport technology trade fair, is also staged annually in Berlin.

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